MBNA Card Activate

Are you ready to activate your brand new MBNA credit card? The fastest way to complete the activation process is to have an online banking profile setup to manage your new account.

Then just enter in your login name and password. You will then need to go to Account Services or My Accounts to activate your new credit card. Follow the prompts and instructions that are offered based on the credit card you’ve been issued.

If you do not have an online banking profile, MBNA encourages you to enroll in online banking in order to complete the activation process. Just follow the link above and then click on the white “Enroll” button that is beneath the login access.

You can also click on this link to begin the enrollment process.

What If I Do Not Want to Be an Online Banking Customer?

If you’ve been sent an MBNA credit card that you’re trying to activate and you do not wish to create an online banking profile, then you will need to contact the primary customer service number to complete the process. Dial 1 (888) 876-6262 at any time and you will be able to receive the help that you need.

Please Note: Information from MBNA’s account maintenance page does not specifically state that you can activate a credit card using this number. It only states that you can add authorized users to an already activated account. The customer service representative may request that you create an online profile to complete the activation process.

There is one exception to this process. If a new credit card has been issued, but a Power of Attorney has been appointed to represent the account holder before the activation process has been completed, then additional steps must be followed.

You will need to fax a copy of the appointment document to 1 (877)-839-6262 to complete the activation process. It can also be mailed directly to PO Box 9614, Ottawa, ON K1G 6E6. A specific privacy agreement regarding this unique situation must also be signed and dated, preferably by the attorney representing you in this matter.

In all circumstances, you will need your account number and the cardholder name approved for the account to complete the MBNA card activation. Then you will be able to use your new credit card for your financial needs.


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