HSBC Activate Card

Your brand new HSBC credit card is your ticket to successfully completing purchases, balance transfers, or accessing fast cash. Before you can use your new line of credit, you will need to activate your new HSBC card.

Depending on your approved account, you may be able to activate your new credit card by logging into your online account portal. You can access that portal or register your new account.

You will want to click on the red “Logon” button that is located at the upper right of the web page. If your card has not yet been activated, there may be a blue text link on the right side of the screen under the credit card account summary which says “Activate New Card.” You will want to click that link and then follow the additional instructions.

Once fully activated, you will want to sign the back of your card in order to use it. Any additional cardholders who have been given a card will have their activation process completed at the same time you activate the main credit card assigned to the account.

What If a Phone Call Is Easier for Me?

For HSBC credit card holders that are based in North America, card activation can occur at any time. Just call 1 (866) 688-4722 to complete the process.

Additional contact information for HSBC can be found.

If you have been given a PIN and chip card through HSBC, then you may have an HSBC MasterCard instead of a standard credit card account. To activate your MasterCard, you will want to contact 1 (866) 573-4722. The primary account holder must call to activate any additional cards for authorized users.

You will need to make your activation phone call from the home phone number that was given during the application process. An HSBC card may be able to be activated from a different phone number, but it will not be able to follow the fast automated process. Manual activation of a new credit card in these circumstances may take 10-15 minutes to complete and may require several security questions in order to verify your identity.

Outside of North America, HSBC invites account holders to call customer service collect at (905) 415-4723.

During the activation process, you can also setup the other features of your account. This includes a PIN assignment, requesting balance transfers, or other miscellaneous needs. That way your new HSBC credit card can be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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