Scotiabank Activate Credit Card

If you’ve been approved for a credit card from Scotiabank, then you can activate your credit card online.

This link also works to activate ScotiaLine.

You will be asked to enter your American Express 15-digit credit card number or your VISA 16-digit number into a text box.

Once you have entered the number, simply click on the red “Continue” button. Follow whatever individualized instructions are given afterward, based on the type of credit account you’ve received, and you will be able to quickly complete the approval process.

If you wish to activate your ScotiaCard or Scotiabank credit card for online and mobile banking, you can also access that process through this website.

Clicking on the red “Activate Now” will take you to the online banking portal for Scotiabank. You can log into your current account to activate your new credit card or click on a grey “Activate Now” button, which will lead you to a screen where you will need to choose the product you are activating.

It only takes a couple of minutes to follow the online activation process.

What If the Online Activation Process Does Not Work?

Some Scotiabank credit card holders may experience technical or access issues with the primary activation website. Once you’ve received your new credit card, you can activate it by calling 1 (800) 806-8600.

If you are on a mobile device, you can visit this activation site.

Then click on the mobile link with the phone number listed to immediately connect to a customer service representative process.

During the activation phone call, you may be asked for specific security information in addition to your credit card information. This is done to prevent the unauthorized use of your new line of credit.

You will need to have your date of birth, mother’s maiden name, the postal code associated with your account, and your home phone number in order to activate your new account over the phone.

For those who are activating their credit card in association with a new banking process, you can register your new Scotiabank credit card or ScotiaCard for online and mobile banking by calling 1 (800) 472-6842 [1 (800) 4SCOTIA]. You also have the option of visiting your local branch manager to complete the activate process.

Once you’ve activated your credit card, you can also use these contact phone numbers to make any additional changes to your account that may be necessary.

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