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Petro Canada Activate Card

Petro Canada makes it easy to make your dollars stretch further whenever you need to pay for fuel. Not only can you earn points on a Petro Canada points card, but you can save money instantly on every litre you pump with the Petro-Points MasterCard, which comes equipped with PayPass.

To activate your new Petro Canada MasterCard, you will need to speak with a customer service representative from CIBC directly. Call 1 (800) 465-4653 and you’ll be able to start earning cash back right away. You also earn rewards faster, with 10 Petro-Points per dollar spent on ever card purchase outside Petro-Canada.

On mobile devices, you can access a direct phone call link to avoid dialing if you prefer. Just visit Petro Canada for more details.

What If I’m Outside North America Right Now?

If you are currently traveling outside of North America and you want to activate your Petro Canada credit card to begin taking advantage of the rewards you can earn, then you can call collect without using the toll-free number above. Just dial (514) 861-4653 and you’ll have a CIBC customer service representative be able to help you.

Some of the cards offered by Petro Canada are not credit cards, such as the Petro Canada Preferred Price Card. You will instantly receive fuel savings at any participating station whenever you present the Preferred Price Card. You save 10 cents per litre, up to 250 litres, with every swipe.

You can sign up for this card at your local station and then activate it immediately on-location. Petro Canada makes it easy to check on the remaining balance of your card by allowing you to enter your card number and security code.

If you aren’t currently collecting Petro-Points, you can join the program today and set up your new profile. That process begins through this signup process.

Once your cards have been activated, you will need to contact CIBC directly for credit questions and Petro Canada for the rewards cards. The phone numbers to contact CIBC about your new credit card are the same that you would use to initially activate the card.

If you have more questions about the rewards program offered by Petro Canada or you would like to find a location where you can sign up, take advantage of the location search options that are available.

That way you can earn and save based on your needs with your activated Petro Canada card.

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