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Capital One is one of North America’s leading credit card issuers. If you’ve been approved for a new line of credit and just received your credit card, then you will want to follow the Capital One activation process so that you can use your new card without trouble.

For customers in Canada, there is not an online activation process that can be followed. You will need to contact a customer representative directly in order to activate your new credit card. The phone number to do this is: 1 (888) 655-5646.

Your new credit card will also typically have an activation sticker on the front when it is first mailed to you. The activation phone number may vary from the number above for certain users and approved accounts. Always use the phone number on the sticker if it is different. If you have lost the sticker, then you can still activate the card through the general activation toll-free number.

Signing up for an online banking profile through Capital One will not create an online activation process for Canadian customers. Only US customers are currently permitted to activate new cards online through their online profile. If you wish to have fast access to purchasing statements or the ability to pay online, however, it may still be beneficial to complete the registration process.

You can do that by starting here.

To enroll in online banking, you will need a valid email address, your Capital One account number, and an identification number, in addition to other account identification information that may be specific to your issued account.

What Will I Need to Complete the Capital One Activation Process?

In order to activate your new Capital One credit card, you will be required to have your 3-digit security code from the back of your credit card. This is in addition to the 16-digit number associated with your new account.

You may also wish to request a cash PIN while activating your new credit card. If you decide to request a PIN after the activation process has been completed, then you can do so by calling 1 (800) 955-7070. A PIN may also be requested through a completed online profile by sending a secured message or by asking an agent through an online chat box when available.

A PIN is not required in order to activate your new Capital One credit card.

International customers with an account based in Canada may also call the toll-free number to complete the activation process by inputting their country code based on their location.

This allows everyone to quickly and easily be able to activate and use their card for their purchasing needs.

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