CIBC Credit Card Activation

Have you been approved for a new CIBC VISA or MasterCard? Then following the online activation process is easy and will only take a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no activation website that will automate this process for you so that you can immediately begin to use your credit card. You can visit the personal banking page on the CIBC website, however, and scroll down to the bottom of the credit cards page to reach a mobile link.

This will contact the customer service department of CIBC, which will begin the activation process for you.

Look for the “Get Started” subheading that is near the bottom of the page. The phone number link is between the “Apply Online” and “Find a Branch” links.

This process applies to all current credit cards that are offered, including PIN and chips cards.

What If I Cannot Access the Online Activation Process?

CIBC also offers account holders the option of activating their new line of credit over the phone. Just contact a customer service representative at 1 (800) 465-4653 to begin this process. You will likely be asked a series of security questions to verify your identity.

For account holders that do not live in North America or may be traveling abroad, an international activation number has also been setup by CIBC. Call 1 (514) 861-4653 and you will be able to contact a customer service representative to complete the activation process.

You may also be able to activate your new credit card by fax if you are unable to reach the CIBC Credit Card Services Department via phone. Fax your request to 1 (905) 816-9623.

If you prefer not to share your credit card verification information over the fax, you may also use direct mail to contact a customer service representative over your activation needs. The specific address you will need to use for contact depends on the currency assigned to your account. You’ll find all mailing addresses listed.

One of these activation choices must be completed in order to finish your CIBC credit card activation. You will not be able to use your new line of credit until you do. If you encounter any problems in contacting a CIBC customer representative, it is recommended that you take your new credit card to your closest branch to finish the activation process there.