Activate Tangerine Credit Card

Have you been approved for a Tangerine credit card? Do you still have an old ING DIRECT credit card that needs to be transitioned to being a Tangerine client card? Then there are a couple of ways that you can activate your new card so that it can be used.

The fastest way to activate your new credit card is to do so online. Just visit Tangerine’s primary website.

You can then create an online profile for your new credit card or log into your current profile. There are two ways that you can do this. The first is to click the appropriate blue “Sign Me Up” or “I’m a Client, Let Me In” based on what your needs happen to be. This will take you through several prompts, which will allow you to activate your card.

Clicking on the interactive “Menu” at the top left of the home page will open up a series of menu options in your browser that will allow you to start this process as well. The top menu option allows you to log into your account in either English or French. This will be followed by a series of tangerine-colored menu choices. If you do not have an online account setup yet, then click on the “Sign Me Up” link there.

Then look for a blue “Enroll Now” button so that you can begin the activation process.

What If I’m Having Problems with the Online Portal?

 Because of the responsive design of this website, some older computers may not respond as quickly to the prompts or may error out when trying to fill in the requested data. In this circumstance, or if you encounter any other problems with your new Tangerine credit card, then you can call this lender’s customer service department.

Call Tangerine toll-free at 1 (800) 863-1605. You will want to contact this number if you are currently still in position of an old ING DIRECT client card.

Although you may need to order a new Tangerine credit card and then activate it if you have a previous ING DIRECT account, any previous cheques issued to your previous account will still be considered valid with your new Tangerine account.

If you have any more questions regarding the activation process or need further help, the Tangerine faq offers more answers to common issues users have with the Tangerine credit card.